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Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications

Understanding the A.T.P. Categories

Training Providers

Organizations whose main business is to provide training for various skills and courses.


Organizations which are recognized as universities globally.

Small Training Organizations

Small organizations who were the initial partners of SCRUMstudy. The registration for this category is closed.

Experts and Consultants

Individual experts or consultants interested in teaching Scrum.

Implementation Experts

Implementation Experts are organizations whose primary business is to provide consultancy and help in implementing Scrum for other organizations

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Comparison of Benefits

Core Benefits Training Providers Universities or Colleges Small Training Organizations Individual Faculty/Experts Implementation Experts
Greater acceptance and credibility for Scrum trainings
Get exclusive savings on certification exams and SCRUMstudy publications
Make your classes accessible to tens of thousands of potential customers through SCRUMstudy website
4 classes per month

4 classes per month
Recruit new trainers
Access to ‘Train the trainer’ resources for Trainers
Customer support services by SCRUMstudy
Stay up to date with training proposals from different organizations
Audience One country or One Geographic Zone >Inside university or college Three states Personal network
Application fee $ 1000/yr (One Country), $1500/yr (One Geographic Zone) $ 1000/yr (One Country), $1500/yr (One Geographic Zone) $ 1000/yr $ 500/yr One-country or One Geographic Zone: $1,500/yr. (One Country), $3,000/yr. (One Geographic Zone)

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