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The Implement phase consists of following three processes:

  1. Create Deliverables - In this process, the Scrum Team works on the tasks in the Sprint Backlog to create Sprint Deliverables. A Scrumboard is often used to track the work and activities being carried out. Issues or problems being faced by the Scrum Team could be updated in an Impediment Log.
  2. Conduct Daily Standup - In this process, everyday a highly focused, Time-boxed meeting is conducted referred to as the Daily Standup Meeting. This is the forum for the Scrum Team to update each other on their progress and any impediments they may be facing.

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  1. Groom Prioritized Product Backlog - In this process, the Prioritized Product Backlog is continuously updated and maintained. A Prioritized Product Backlog Review Meeting may be held, in which any changes or updates to the backlog are discussed and incorporated into the Prioritized Product Backlog as appropriate.

Following is the data flow diagram of the Implement phase, broadly showing how different processes are connected to each other. For more details on different processes, please refer to SBOK® Guide.

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