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Scrum Improves Project Delivery

Improve project delivery and client acceptance with Scrum

A project is a collaborative enterprise to either create new products or services or to deliver results as defined in the Project Vision Statement. Usually, the results generated by projects are expected to create some form of business or service value.

Since value is a primary reason for any organization to move forward with a project, Scrum focuses on Value-driven Delivery. Scrum facilitates delivery of value very early on in the project and continues to do so throughout the project lifecycle. Delivering value is ingrained in the SBOK® framework.

The concept of Value-driven Delivery in Scrum makes SBOK® framework very attractive for business stakeholders and senior management. This concept is very different when compared with traditional project management models where:

  1. Requirements are not prioritized by business value.

  2. Changing requirements after project initiation is difficult and can only be done through a time consuming change management process.

  3. Value is realized only at the end of the project when the final product or service is delivered.

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