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Scrum Aspects

The Scrum aspects must be addressed and managed throughout a Scrum project as explained in SBOK®. The five Scrum aspects are:

  1. Organization - This aspect focuses on various facets of a Scrum project organization as well as core and non-core roles and how to form high performance Scrum Teams. More
  2. Business Justification - This aspect focuses on the concept and purpose of Business Justification as it relates to Scrum projects. More
  3. Quality - This aspect focuses on defining quality as it relates to projects and to present the Scrum approach to achieve the required levels of quality. More
  4. Change - This aspect focuses on the importance of change in any project, regardless of its method or framework and expands on how Scrum development processes are designed to embrace change. More
  5. Risk - This aspect focuses on management of risks in a Scrum environment by considering various tools that facilitate the management of risks. More