SCRUMstudy Certification Hierarchy The SBOK® Guide is now available for download in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Deutsch, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese & Arabic!
Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications

SCRUMstudy Certification Hierarchy

SCRUMstudy certified professionals help organizations with improved level of project management that leads to increased ROI. They have knowledge pertaining to and can anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of scrum.

Though there is no mandatory prerequisite for most of the SCRUMstudy certifications, it is always better to understand the hierarchy structure. The diagram below shows you what is the preferred as well as optional certification to move to the next level.

Certification Hierarchy
Certification Hierarchy

SFC, SMC®, SDC®, and SPOC® certification exams are based on SBOK® Guide, Second Edition (2016). This will be applicable till April 30, 2017.
SSMC and SSPOC certification exams are based on the SBOK® Guide, Third Edition. This is applicable from Jan 25, 2017.
Starting May 1st 2017, all SCRUMstudy certifications will be based on SBOK® Guide, Third Edition.

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