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Simple processes with prompt support

Our easy-to-use partner portal and prompt support team makes managing everything a breeze.

How will the engagement with SCRUMstudy work?

SCRUMstudy appreciates that you want to focus on your business and not waste time going through complex processes and filling up endless forms. With that in mind, we have designed an easy-to-use portal where you can manage everything related to your relationship with SCRUMstudy. Have a look at some of the key activities you can manage from the portal:

Announce Classes on SCRUMstudy

You can list your classes on the SCRUMstudy website via the portal (up to the limit allowed) and students interested in them will be directed to your website.

Generate Exam Vouchers

You can register your students and generate exam vouchers for them. Students then take the exam with SCRUMstudy by entering the voucher details online.

Ordering SBOK® and study resources

You can order the SBOK® Guide and all the other study resources necessary to conduct classes, and they will be delivered right to your address.

Manage finances

You can view invoices, make payment, and keep a track of all your transactions—all in a few clicks.

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