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Scrum for Large Projects

Scaling Scrum for Large Projects consists of following processes:

  1. Create Large Project Components—This process defines how the multiple Product Owners work together and how the multiple Scrum Teams work together. Also common components and common and specialized resources are identified.
    Following figure shows all the relationship of the Create Large Project Components process to the fundamental Scrum processes in the Initiate phase.
    Create Large Project Components
  2. Conduct and Coordinate Sprints—This process is usually only relevant for large projects and addresses specific aspects that should be considered during each Sprint. If required, Scrum of Scrums Meetings are conducted to coordinate efforts between multiple Scrum Teams.
    Following figure shows all the relationship of the Conduct and Coordinate Sprints process to the fundamental Scrum processes.
    Conduct and Coordinate Sprints
  3. Prepare Large Project Release—In some large projects it may make business sense to do a special Sprint prior to a release in order to prepare for releasing the product (to be decided by the project team based on business needs). This process addresses such a preparation Sprint.
    Following figure shows the relationships of the Prepare Large Project Release process to the fundamental Scrum processes.
    Prepare Large Project Release