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SBOK® Guide First Chapter

Scrum, as defined in the SBOK®, is applicable to the following:

  • Portfolios, programs, and/or projects in any industry
  • Products, services, or any other results to be delivered to stakeholders
  • Projects of any size or complexity

The term 'product' in this Body of Knowledge may refer to a product, service, or other deliverable. Scrum can be applied effectively to any project in any industry—from small projects or teams with as few as six team members to large, complex projects with up to several hundred team members. This first chapter describes the purpose and framework of the SBOK® Guide and provides an introduction to the key concepts of Scrum. It contains a summary of Scrum principles, Scrum aspects, and Scrum processes.

The following sections are covered in this chapter.

  • Overview of Scrum
  • Why Use Scrum?
  • Purpose of the SBOK® Guide
  • Framework of the SBOK® Guide
  • Scrum vs. Traditional Project Management

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