Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications

Certified Implementation Expert (CIE)


SCRUMstudy Certified Implementation Expert (CIE) prepares Scrum practitioners to manage complex Scrum projects and implement Scrum in complex projects involving big project teams, programs and portfolios.

Applicants will be awarded the Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC) certificate by SCRUMstudy upon successfully passing the certification exam.

Certification Prerequisite Experience Prerequisite Education Target Audience
Certification CIE Prerequisite Experience: 2+ years of experience in implementing Scrum for other organizations Prerequisite Education: Should be SMC®, AEC, and SPOC® Certified Target Audience: Experts/ Consultants, and Implementation Experts

Audience Profile

Certified Implementation Expert (CIE) certification is meant for those SCRUM consultants/ training partners, whose primary business is to provide consultancy and help in implementing Scrum in other organizations.


To become a CIE certified professional you should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Should have more than 2 years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects.
  • Should be SMC®, AEC and SPOC® certified.
  • Should submit, to, a write up about at least three Scrum/Agile projects implemented by them.

How to become a Certified Implementation Expert

Once the CIE aspirant satisfies the above requirements, they need to apply to SCRUMstudy to become a SCRUMstudy approved Certified Implementation Expert. After reviewing the documents submitted by them, SCRUMstudy certifies them as Certified Implementation Expert (CIE) - and they will be awarded an accreditation certificate making them eligible to provide consultancy and help in implementing Scrum in other organizations.