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SCRUMstudy Advanced Membership

An advanced member of SCRUMstudy gets the following benefits in addition to all the benefits available to a Free Lifetime Primary Member:

  1. Free SBOK (Scrum Body of Knowledge): Advanced members get a free online version of SBOK Guide. SBOK Guide is the established and industry-recognized, globally accepted body of knowledge for Scrum.
  2. Access to many additional resources : Access to several resources that are not accessible by the general public or to primary members.
  3. Primary Membership Benefits: Advanced members are eligible for all the benefits available to primary members. more

Advancement Membership is valid for one year at a fee of $120/year. Every time an Advanced Member earns a new certification from SCRUMstudy, his membership gets extended for one more year. That is, you never need to spend money just for a membership renewal.

How to become an advanced member?

  • Register at for free. To register, click here
  • You will get access to primary member portal through email.
  • Log into the portal and upgrade your membership under 'My Profile' section.

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