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Benefits to A.T.P.-Discounts and Training Promotion

SCRUMstudy provides attractive discounts to A.T.P.s for booking certification exams. Also, SCRUMstudy promotes A.T.P. classes in the SCRUMstudy website for free. SCRUMstudy conducts periodic review of A.T.P.s performance (quarterly data) and on the basis of their performance, an A.T.P. can get up to a 60% discount on exams and can advertise up to 4 classes on the SCRUMstudy website. The quarterly review happens for the periods of Jan1 - March 31, April 1 - June 30, July 1 - Sept 30, and Oct 1 - Dec 31.

When a new A.T.P. joins our program, the A.T.P. will get a 60% discount on all exams and 4 classes of the A.T.P. will be promoted on the SCRUMstudy website. The performance of the new A.T.P. will be evaluated in the next assessment cycle.

Exam booked per quarter by the A.T.P. Discount for Certification Exams Number of A.T.P. classes advertised in SCRUMstudy Website
More than 300 60% 4
More than 100 - Up to 300 50% 4
More than 50 - Up to 100 40% 3
Less than 50 35% 2