Several organizations around the globe are accepting Scrum as a primary project management framework for their projects, especially when they operate in a dynamic business environment

For Individuals

Growing popularity and acceptability of Scrum has created a great demand for Scrum-certified professionals in the job market. Grab the opportunity and join this growing community.

For Organizations

Scrum-certified professionals help organizations with improved level of project management that leads to increased ROI.

For A.T.P.

There are tremendous opportunities to tap the market potential for Scrum and Agile certifications with the leading Scrum certification body.

SCRUMstudy Certifications

Free introductory course to learn about key concepts in Scrum as defined in the SBOKTM Guide.
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Entry-level certification that provides complete knowledge of Scrum basics.
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Become familiar with the actual implementation of Scrum using role-plays and simulations.
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Understand the different values, methods, and intricacies of Agile.
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Learn to handle the business aspects and stakeholders in a Scrum environment.
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Sharpen your skills , showcase your expertise, and become a better practitioner of Scrum.
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