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Plan and Estimate

The Plan and Estimate phase consists of following five processes:

  1. Create User Stories - In this process, User Stories and their related User Story Acceptance Criteria are created. User Stories are usually written by the Product Owner and are designed to ensure that the customer's requirements are clearly depicted and can be fully understood by all stakeholders. User Story Writing Exercises may be held which involves Scrum Team members creating the User Stories. User Stories are incorporated into the Prioritized Product Backlog.
  2. Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories - In this process, the Product Owner approves User Stories for a Sprint. Then, the Scrum Master and Scrum Team estimate the effort required to develop the functionality described in each User Story, and the Scrum Team commits to deliver the customer requirements in the form of Approved, Estimated, and Committed User Stories.

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  1. Create Tasks - In this process, the Approved, Estimated, and Committed User Stories are broken down into specific tasks and compiled into a Task List. Often a Task Planning Meeting is held for this purpose.
  2. Estimate Tasks - In this process, the Scrum Core Team, in Task Estimation Meetings, estimate the effort required to accomplish each task in the Task List. The result of this process is an Effort Estimated Task List.
  3. Create Sprint Backlog -In this process, the Scrum Core Team holds Sprint Planning Meetings where the group creates a Sprint Backlog containing all tasks to be completed in the Sprint.
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Following is the data flow diagram of the Plan and Estimate phase, broadly showing how different processes are connected to each other. For more details on different processes, please refer to SBOK™ Guide.

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